Social knowledge network EdCast on Sunday announced a new feature that enables users to share a wide variety of external web content via its platform, including articles, videos and studies at the click of a button.

The offering, named EdShare button is available on 15 million sites powered through AddThis social share widget. On clicking the "share" button and selecting EdCast, users sign into their account and can add personalized messages before posting the content for sharing.

"Sharing is an inherent feature of social media. Today, tech companies have understood that people not only want to learn, but also want to share," said Karl Mehta, founder of EdCast says.

"Every Web site has options for people to share what they read or see directly with their friends and connections through their personal social networking profiles. EdCast, as a platform has also invested in building the tech to enable sharing," he said.

The offering will change the way one learns and consume knowledge, the company said.

"As an educator and influencer, it is important for me to be able to easily share content within my network. EdCast's EdShare feature makes it easier than ever," said Robyn Shulman, who is on EdCast.