Ebola- Nina Pham
Staff members of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital gather outside the emergency room to show support for fellow nurse Nina Pham, in Dallas, Texas October 16, 2014. Pham left the Dallas hospital where she was receiving treatment for the Ebola virus and being transferred by air to a National Institutes of Health Facility in Bethesda, Maryland.Reuters

Nina Pham, the first person to contract Ebola on the US soil, has been shifted from Dallas to Maryland for a specialised treatment.

The 26-year-old nurse, who contracted Ebola while treating the first Ebola victim in US, Thomas Eric Duncan, arrived at the Frederick Municipal Airport in Maryland around 10.30 pm on Thursday, the Associated Press reported.

Later she was taken to the isolation unit of National Institutes of Health Clinical Center in Bethesda, New York Daily News reported. Health condition of Pham is said to be good.

Pham is one of the 50 health workers who provided care to Duncan, while he was being treated at the Texas Health Presbyterian hospital. Duncan, who contracted Ebola at his native Liberia, developed symptoms while on a visit to his family in US. The 42-year-old succumbed to the deadly virus on 8 October, 11 days after testing positive for Ebola.

Pham was quarantined after she developed a low-grade fever on Friday, 10 October. Texas department of state health services confirmed on Sunday that Pham was suffering from the disease. Pham's pet dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Bentley has been kept under observation in the Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center. Pham's boyfriend is also rumoured to be admitted to the hospital after he displayed some "Ebola-like symptoms."

Meanwhile, the Texas Health Presbyterian hospital posted a video on YouTube in which they appreciated her valuable service.

"Thanks for getting well. Thanks for being part of the voluntary team to take care of our first patient. It means a lot. This has been a huge effort by all of you guys. We're really proud of you. We love you Nina," Dr Gary Weinstein stood, who treated Pham during her hospital stay in the Dallas hospital, said, as reported by The Telegraph.

Well-wishers across the country have also been praying and wishing a speedy recovery to the nurse ever since she tested positive for the deadly virus.

"Thank you, Nina, for your courage to help the sick. We are all stricken that you contracted the Ebola virus while helping another. May you grow stronger day and have a full recovery soon.....and then be united with your beautiful Bailey again," one message appeared on the "Nina Pham Community" page on Facebook read.

Amber Vinson (29), the second health care worker to contract Ebola from Duncan, has also been moved to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. Vinson, who tested positive for Ebola on Tuesday, was "ill, but clinically stable" when she arrived at the infectious disease unit of the hospital, on Wednesday night, USA Today reported.