Ebola Outbreak
Ebola hoax: There are people falling prey to claims that drinking bleach or listening to 'violin music' could cure the virus.Reuters File

Some web-surfers fall hook, line and sinker for strange theories and claims doing the rounds promising to 'cure' Ebola virus. As strange as it may sound, many have fallen prey to these internert hoaxes that claim to make you immune to the deadly virus.

A post that is rapidly going viral on social networking sites claims that people can become immune to Ebola virus or that the virus can be killed in infected people, if they ingest household bleach or inject it into their bodies.

The post claims: "Bleach is a strong disinfectant, but is totally harmless to us human....by either injecting a dose of bleach (20ml) into your bloodstream, or taking 200ml orally; you can clear yourself out of all Ebola in your system."

It is surprising how people could fall prey to this hoax. It should have been busted in the very first line of the post, which states, quite surprisingly: "The Ebola virus has been spreading fast around the world, with over 7 billion confirmed dead in Africa alone."

Well, the population of the entire world is seven billion. Ebola wouldn't have killed so many, unless we didn't have basic general knowledge.

Meanwhile, a man called Peter Chappel, who runs a site called Boosters4Africa claims that his violin music can also treat Ebola.

"The healing sound for Ebola is specially designed to boost immunity against Ebola," Chappel writes on his website. And he has also posted samples of recorded violin music for those suffering from Ebola or those who need protection. "If you are ill with Ebola listen to this music every 15 minutes until you are better," he says.

Well, he is a genius in deed – not for the exciting Ebola-curing music that he has discovered, but for his ability to create such an elaborate, shameless lie.

Here are a few more fake cures or protections against the Ebola virus, which no one must ever fall for, courtesy to Gizmodo website:

1. Nano Silver:

The Natural Solutions Foundation claims that Nano Silver is the world's only hope against Ebola. "Is is said that there is no treatment against Ebola, and that is not true," Rima E. Laibow, who runs the company says in a YouTube video. "If fact, there is a well known, well characterised nutrient that is Nano Silver."

2. Sulphuricum Acidum

A homeopathic 'doctor', as he claims to be, who calls himself Givon Zirkind says that the best treatments for the virus are sulphuricum acidum, crotus horridus and crotalus cascavella. Well, apart from there being 'zero evidence' on these claims, homeopathy is in fact considered quite ineffective and often dangerous.

3. High Doses of Vitamin C

If you think you are suffering from Ebola, grab a bottle of orange juice! That is what Dr Thomas E. Levy wrote in a website NuturalHealth360, which is noted to be a disreputable anti-vaccination website. The article is completely misleading until you reach the footnote editor's disclaimer:

"But, just to be clear, by no means should you ever think that any nutritional supplements can 'cure' any viral condition or disease," it says after a lengthy article.