Xbox One
Xbox One was released on 22 November, 2013.Facebook

Though Microsoft, the creators of Xbox One made it clear that they will be mass producing only Black colored Xbox One video game consoles, about ten White Xbox One have surfaced on online retail site, eBay.

The white and silver Xbox One were exclusively given out to Microsoft development team and to Microsoft employees as gifts in August 2013.

Now, these have surfaced on eBay with either the friends or relatives of the employees or the employees themselves wanting to make some quick money. It is now a selling as a limited employee edition white Xbox One console.

One of the lowest prices was reported at $1800 and rest were all priced higher, and with the inclusion of Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome, and Dead Rising 3, prices could reach $4000 for the limited edition set. In comparison, the Xbox One is priced at $500.

The white Xbox One includes white controller, black Kinect sensor, and one year of Xbox Live. There is writing on the front of the console that reads, "I Made This." The bids for these collectibles will begin soon and it will be closing before 30 March, reported PCMag. However, this deal is only open for U.S. residents.

Previously, Microsoft had auctioned a white Xbox One for charity, which included five games and one year of Xbox Live. It was reportedly sold for $11,300 and the proceeds from the auction were donated to Wounded Warrior Project.

There has been no official comment on the auctioning of the white Xbox Ones from Microsoft yet.

Xbox One was launched on 22 November and sold about a million units in the initial 24 hours. Though Xbox One's rival, Sony's PlayStation 4 has sold more units than Microsoft's console, it is likely that it will get a boost in sales when the system will be launched in 26 countries in September. Xbox One was counting at three million unit sales in January.