After the coronavirus as spicy heavy burgers, the highly contagious virus now tastes sweet! This time, it's a famous confectionary in Kolkata that has come up with the new avatar of the novel coronavirus.

coronavirus sweets
coronavirus sweets

Deadly virus is sweet here!

The Corona Sandesh and Corona Cake in the sweet shop, both shaped as the virus with its spikes, displayed alongside other sweets in the retail chain's outlets in the city.

The sweet makers have come with a novel idea to spread awareness about the continuing spread of the deadly coronavirus disease.

The internet seems to be stunned on the new version of the virus. With people naming their newborns as Corona and Covid, the world on one side appears to celebrate the pandemic in different possible ways.

While some choose the name to show the triumph of mankind over the virus, shops and cafes making 'edible coronavirus' aim to spread the effects of the deadly virus.


Sweet shops remain open in the state

The West Bengal government, last week, said that sweet shops can remain open for four hours every day amid the nationwide coronavirus lockdown. The announcement was made days after the apex body of sweetmeat outlets expressed their concern over wastage of milk and jobless staff.

According to the shop owner, "thousands of people are dying due to the coronavirus. It is a message to uplift the spirit of the people that we will fight and digest corona and not vice versa."

corona burger
corona burger

As of now, 69 cases on COVID-19 are reported in West Bengal. And as far as India is concerned, the total number of cases in the country has crossed the 4,000-mark with the death toll surging past 100.