Among all the enormous health challenges that one sets for them, we rarely achieve any. It's not easy to stick to tiresome workout regimes, follow a strict balanced diet, meditate regularly, do yoga, go for a jog or whichever activity that one takes up to health proof them.

It will be tremendously easy if we tried to shift focus from the above activities (that somehow always seem undoable) to some instant tricks which not only make life easy but also contribute largely to the pledge of staying hale and hearty. Here are some simple habits that if you inculcate in your daily routine will leave you feeling fit both mentally and physically.

Add Color to Greens
When it comes to vegetables, you get a go ahead to eat as much as you can. Green veggies are loaded with iron, minerals, vitamins, disease fighting photochemical and fibre content. However, it is not only green vegetables that you need to gorge on. The more colored fruits and veggies you eat the more wrinkle-reducing antioxidants you obtain from them. Yellow, purple, red food like beetroot, carrot, lemon, pumpkin, orange, black grapes, strawberry, kiwi, corn, etc are not only nutritious in nature but also leave you with a radiant looking skin.

Gorge on Apples
Apples are one of the most consumed fruits in the world. Apples are nutrition powerhouses that are abundant in dietary fibre, flavanoids and antioxidants. They also help in reducing tooth decay. Eating apples regularly also facilitate in lowering cholesterol levels. The fibre present in apples can relieve you from diarrhoea. Apples are one of the rare fruits that detoxify your liver. So next time you need a snack, reach out for a bowl of apples.

Stress can play a major role in your daily routine and lifestyle. It can have a gigantic effect on you physically as well as emotionally. It can often end up making you cranky, temperamental and grumpy. Ease up to combat the undue stress in your life. Spare some time to do what you love most. It could be anything from biking, playing a sport, watching a movie to baking, listening to music, gardening, solving a puzzle or even playing with your pet. Cutting out the extra stress will make you feel healthier and more content.

Dance Your Woes Away
Hate to exercise? Detest the gym? Simply plug in your headphones and dance to your favorite numbers. This way you get your daily requirement of minimum exercise while having fun. It makes exercise enjoyable and actually helps lose more weight since it does not get mundane at any point. Create your own playlist and move to the music. Dancing to high energy songs (preferably at the start of the day) will leave you upbeat and more cheerful through the rest of the day.

Work Your Eyes
Follow a simple technique to exercise your eyes every day. Staring at TV, computer and cell phones all day strain your eyes. Relax your eye muscles and reduce headaches by exercising your eyes. Try to picture a huge figure of the number eight in front of you. Slowly, move your eyeballs tracing the shape of the number. Do it for a few minutes from left to right and right to left. This will help cut tension.

Value Your Friends
Being in the company of good friends who motivate you and uplift your morale can actually lead to a longer and more content life. Scientists have reasons to believe firmly that friends are a source of continued emotional support and also help in distressing by boosting the production of dopamine and oxytocin, otherwise known as feelgood chemicals. The secretion of these very chemicals in good quantities promotes brain growth and slows ageing.

Get Potassium Power
Including potassium rich foods like kiwi, bananas, strawberries, mangoes, nuts, tomatoes, milk, spinach, curd, orange, asparagus, apricots and raisins in every day meals helps better functioning of the muscles and the heart. These foods also contain asparagine (a type of amino acid) that flushes out any excess liquid from the body.

Practice Balance
A small exercise for a few minutes can help greatly in keeping your limbs well-built and flexible. Try balancing on each foot for as long as you can while keeping the other foot stable. This simple practise strengthens leg muscles and boosts the body's stability. It also cuts down the risk of falls that come with growing age. It's best if done in the morning.