Steve Paulson, a weatherman for KTVU, a Fox owned-and-operated television station serving the San Francisco Bay Area, became a viral sensation in the aftermath of the 4.0-magnitude earthquake in Piedmont on Monday.

Paulson was giving his weather forecast on Monday morning from the KTVU studios in Oakland when he felt the earthquake. The earthquake shook the studio, making Paulson jump up and scream out "Oh my goodness! oh my goodness! This was a good one." 

The video of Steve Paulson since then has been shared on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The 4.0-magnitude earthquake centered near Piedmont was reported at 6.49 am. The centre of the quake was located about a mile north of Piedmont and three miles southeast of Berkeley, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

There was no damage or causalities. Abc7News reported that the earthquake delayed the BART trains in morning by 10-minutes as trains were stopped while crews inspected the tracks for possible damage.

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Lee Pruitt ‏@LeeSunPruitt 

Ha! I love Steve Paulson, that guy is hilarious! @SPaulsonKTVU

Matthias Gafni ‏@mgafni 

#Earthquake registered 7.3 on Steve Paulson scale, 4.0 on Richter.

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omg steve paulson

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@KTVU can Steve Paulson's video segment be posted on Facebook?

Jeezy Yeezy ‏@Dahound320 

@GasiaKTVU Barely felt the #earthquake in Daly City. Surprised it was 4.2. Steve Paulson's reaction scared me more lol

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Steve Paulson going viral.

Sarah ‏@schtimpy27

Steve Paulson is all of us. Just with less swearing