A new study conducted by a team of researchers at the University of Colorado-Boulder has suggested that planet earth could enter a dark age due to a solar storm. Researchers who took part in this study made this finding after observing a powerful version of this stellar phenomenon in a star system that is located 100 light-years away. 

Earth could face a similar event in the future

According to researchers who took part in this study, planet earth could also face a similar solar storm attack in the future. Researchers described the star's spectacular fireworks show as ''troubling'' and warned that it may once hit earth too. 

solar storm
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If a solar storm of such intensity hits the earth, it could disrupt the satellite systems and the functioning of power grids. Such an event could result in widespread power blackout and the phone networks will not work properly. 

A spectacular solar storm in EK Draconis

Scientists observed the unbelievably spectacular solar storm in a star named EK Draconis. The coronal mass ejection (CME) from EK Draconis was literally deadly, and scientists believe that such an event could happen on earth in the future. They also noted that a similar event will most probably happen by the end of this century. 

"Coronal mass ejections can have a serious impact on Earth and human society. This kind of big mass ejection could, theoretically, also occur on our Sun. This observation may help us to better understand how similar events may have affected Earth and even Mars over billions of years," said study co-author Dr. Yuta Notsu in a recent statement. 

Researchers revealed that EK Draconis is a ''curious star'' and it has the same size as our sun. However, EK Draconis is just 100 million years old.