Earth Day
Columbia Glacier, October 2014, Landsat Satellite, NASATwitter/NASA Climate

This Earth Day, which is observed on 22 April every year, NASA has called on Earthlings to 'explore our home planet'.

It has called on citizens everywhere to share photos and videos of their favourite places on Earth with the hashtag #NoPlaceLikeHome.

"At NASA, we explore lots of planets and there's a lot to love: the mountains on Mars, the rings of Saturn, the 99.77-degree axial tilt of Uranus. But how about a little something for the home team? It's Earth Day. Let's explore our home planet, too," the aeronautical agency said on its website.

Over the last two weeks, NASA has been sharing epic photos of our planet in the run-up to Earth Day. The incredible photos have been taken by its satellites, aircrafts and scientists from space. 

Here are some stunning photos by NASA for Earth Day 2015.