EA Sports rolls out NBA LIVE 15 Title Update #2
EA Sports rolls out NBA LIVE 15 Title Update #2EA Sports

EA Sports, the developer of NBA Live 15, has just released another update with lots of significant changes. The current live update is available for PlayStation 4 consumers and has also promised to roll it out for Xbox One players soon.

The new update includes some 400 new changes, including the addition of players, according to the live rosters. The new update will reflect the roster data on the basis of Synergy feeds. And all the players will be available in Dynasty, Rising Star and Ultimate Team modes.

The new update includes 15 new players including Noah Vonleh, Shabazz Napier, Gary Harris, Elfrid Payton, Zach LaVine, Dario Saric, James Young, Nik Stauskas, TJ Warren, and Doug McDermott.

The update also includes new uniforms for each team for Christmas day and 50 bug fixes with enhanced interface for LUT Fantasy challenges. The update also includes some major improvements to three point shots and improvised collision for contest play-offs for getting more thrilling results.

EA Sports have worked hard to make the animation and timing far more realistic with improved ball physics, defensive bite and pumped fake animations, shot feedback meter, invisible boundaries, inbound plays, steal attempts and end of game AI (Artificial Intelligence).