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"EA Sports UFC 2," the mixed martial arts fighting simulation video game has received a new patch 1.04 for PlayStation 4 with the Xbox One version following soon.

This new update will remove religious celebrations that activates after a fighter is adjudged winner by the referee in the game. The fighters were seen performing the Christian cross.

The celebration hurt the sentiments of the Muslim fighters in the game. Khabib Nurmagomedov, a lightweight fighter and a Muslim, noticed the Christian celebration where his character in the game was seen gesturing in the shape of cross. He took to Twitter and Instagram to make his displeasure known to EA.

Nurmagomedov, in his real fights, never opts for those celebrations and brought this to the notice of EA Sports.

Popular gaming website Kotaku said that Nurmagomedov is a Muslim who avoids fights during the Ramadan month.

EA Sports, however, acted swiftly to correct this error, which makes no sense to players who were not Christians.

EA has since apologised to the fighters who were shown doing the Christian cross celebration, even though they were not Christians.

In a Twitter message, EA Sports said, "In an update that is now live on PS4 and coming soon to Xbox One, we removed a religious animation which randomly played after any fighter was announced as the winner of a fight. We apologize for all inaccurate representation of this animation and thank the players who brought this to our attention."