EA Sports UFC 2
EA Sports UFC 2 will be released worldwide on March 17, 2016.EA Sports

"EA Sports UFC 2" is the upcoming mixed martial arts fighting video game from developers EA Canada. The game is set to be released March 15, 2016 in North America for PS4 and Xbox One and the rest of the world will get the game on March 17.

Brian Hayes. creative director of "EA Sports UFC 2" during an interview with Daily Star UK explained the reason why this fighting game does not include fighters like Randy Couture and Tito Ortiz.

Hayes said that there are obstacles in adding some fighters to the game since some of them had "less than friendly relationships with the UFC." And these differences cannot be resolved by EA Sports, due to which they have been not included in the final roster.

CM Punk too was treated the same way in WWE 2K game, where he was not included due to his differences with WWE. Punk is part of the "EA Sports UFC 2" game.

Though CM Punk's fighter ratings had created controversy, EA has released his final ratings, which is 82.

"I've said a few times on Twitter, but CM Punks rating in the beta was placeholder," explained Hayes. 

"Obviously its a little bit challenging to create the ratings for somebody who has never had a UFC or a professional mixed martial arts fight before, but at the same time, we need to make a game, we couldn't give him zeroes and have him a non functioning crash test dummy incapable of doing anything."

As promised, the game features over 250 playable characters, which is one of the biggest rosters in a fighting video game.

The game also includes legendary Bruce Lee and two separate versions of former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson. 

Meanwhile, EA released the overall rating of fighters who are part of the EA Sports UFC 2. Here are the top 10 overall ratings (Operation Sports):

  • Jon Jones (95)
  • Demetrious Johnson (95)
  • Conor McGregor (94)
  • Daniel Cormier (94)
  • Georges St-Pierre (94)
  • Raphael Dos Anjos (94)
  • Robbie Lawler (93)
  • Dominick Cruz (93)
  • Luke Rockhold (93)
  • Fabricio Werdum (93)

Apart from this, EA also released Pound-for-Pound fighters, Stand up and Clinch ratings:

Readers can also dig into the official website to find out fighter ratings in the entire roster.