Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts will have its press conference on 15 June at E3 2015.Reuters

Electronic Arts (EA) has come out with a list of games it will be showing at the upcoming E3 2015 starting from 16 June, 2015 at the Los Angeles Convention Centre.

EA will be holding its press conference on 15 June. The California-based developer and distributor of video games will be making its ninth appearance at the popular annual gaming event.

Laying bare its EA 2015 play, EA's press release noted that Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA will be hosting the press conference, where he is expected to "demonstrate a dozen HD titles, all powered by world-class technology."

In a first, EA will also be entertaining local high school and university students at the press conference. The students will also be part of an exclusive panel discussion. EA plans to introduce the students to the videogames industry and speak about the opportunities it offers. 

Where to Watch

On 15 June ( 1 pm Pacific), fans can tune into the conference that is being live streamed at LiveToPlay.ea.com. They can also check the official Twitch, YouTube, Twitter accounts for updates. 

EA has promised participants "hands-on" for the following titles, in addition to teasing "few surprises:"

  • FIFA 16: EA promises "balanced, authentic, and exciting football experience," with new ways to play and a higher level of competition.
  • Madden NFL 16: It will feature a new gameplay mechanics and a new Madden NFL Mobile version.
  • Minions Paradise
  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst: Assures fans that the action game will have "fluid movement and combat in first person."
  • NBA LIVE 16
  • NHL 16: With fan feedback, it has made new additions like the reimaging EA Sports Hockey League, new gameplay balance, innovative while also being authentic.
  • EA Sports Rory Mcllroy PGA Tour
  • Star Wars Battlefront: The game will have epic 40 player multiplayer battles, the numerous Missions will be intense and deep. Fans can get immersed in the Star Wars fantasies.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic - This game will have new worlds, ability to recruit companions, dynamic story based on player choices.