EA is one of the primary names in the industry as far as rampaging hits are concerned. Each year, the company introduces big titles, including sporting ones, that keep the world engaged. And, talking about sporting titles from EA, it seems like the company's upcoming NHL 16 is set for its first ever beta phase from the developers.

As far as EA's NHL videogame series is concerned, the franchise still has a lot to offer, if proper time is dedicated to it. In fact, while most of EA's sporting games like FIFA or Madden have seen upgrades each year in different sectors, this has been lacking for the NHL series. However, NHL 16 brings new hope.

"This fan-favorite online team mode has been reimagined and lets you choose specialized player classes to deliver a balanced competitive experience on the ice. Player skill and your ability to play as a team will now be the determining factor in who wins and loses," according to EA.

As far as getting access to NHL 16 beta is concerned, for players on new age consoles like Xbox One and PS4, "Jump into NHL 15 starting July 30 and you'll see a new panel in the main menu hub to download the NHL 16 EASHL Beta."

"NHL 15 is required to access the beta initially, but is not required after you have successfully downloaded as the beta will be accessibly directly from your console hard drive," the description adds.

However, for those who are looking ahead to play the game in their previous generation consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3: "If you've upgraded to a new console, you have a chance to get access to the NHL 16 EASHL Beta."

"If selected, you will receive a beta access code via your EA/Origin email account on July 30 which can then be redeemed on either an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 (access code platform determined based on your previous console preference)."

As announced by the company, the Hockey League Beta will be available for PS4 and Xbox One from 30 July until 6 August.

NHL 16 is currently scheduled to launch on 15 September for PS4 and Xbox One, while the NHL 16 Legacy Edition will release on the same day for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Twinfinite, EA Sports]