E3 2017
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One of the largest gaming events, E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) will take place in Los Angeles Convention Center from June 13 to June 15. The three-day event will showcase the future of video gaming industry, with a slew of biggest releases lined up for the event.

Traditionally, E3 has only welcomed media personnel and high-profile gaming industry people. But things are going to be different this time around. For the first time ever, E3 will open its gates to public this year.

E3 ticket price and offers

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), which hosts the E3 show, will put 15,000 tickets for sale to public. Each ticket will cost you $249, which will grant access to the entire show floor. If you are looking for some discounts or early bird offers, you are in luck. The first 1,000 buyers will get a flat $100 off on the price of the ticket.

Where to buy E3 tickets?

The tickets will be on sale at E3's official website starting February 13, 2017.

Why attend E3 2017?

E3 brings raucous hype to the gaming industry by serving as a platform for the biggest launches and announcements. Last year's experimental E3 Live was a grand success as 20,000 public attendees showed up outside the LA Convention Center, Ars Technica noted, and we can only anticipate this year's response with public participation.

E3 invites gaming personalities, YouTubers, social media influencers and live-streaming gaming celebs to its events. If gaming is your adrenaline rush, we advise you not to miss it. You can witness the new games, consoles and all gaming-related launches first hand.

At the last year's E3 show, we saw major companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, EA, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Activision making major announcements. There is no reason why things would be any different this year.