E3 2016
E3 2016 is being held from June 14 to 16, 2016.Twitter/E3

If emerging rumours are to be believed, developer and publisher Bethesda is likely to announce some new video games for the upcoming E3 2016 press conference. Bethesda is hosting its E3 2016 press conference on June 12.

Some of the rumoured games that might be showcased at the annual gaming event include "The Evil Within 2," "Wolfenstein 2" and "Prey 2," Eurogamer reported.

However, one big game that is likely to be revealed at E3 is a remastered version of "Skyrim," according to Shinobi602, an industry insider. This was corroborated by another industry insider, Enter the Dragon Punch, in a post on NeoGAF.

The rumoured "Skyrim" remastered version includes "mods, all DLC [and] improved visuals," according to Enter the Dragon Punch. Eurogamer observed that mod support to the game was crucial since mods are what make these games sustain "popularity." Bethesda has previously released mods for "Fallout 4" Xbox One version and intends to release them for PS4 in July.

Bethesda had previously said in 2014 that it cancelled "Prey 2," and there is no information about "The Evil Within 2" yet. However, Bethesda has already hinted about "Dishonored 2" being part of its E3 showcase.