Dying Light
Dying Light was released on 27 January, 2015.dyinglightgame.com

"Dying Light", the new sensational survival horror game from Polish developer Techland, has caught the imagination of many with its parkour style movement that is set in an open world, where players deal with zombie apocalypse.

Players will have to fight the zombies with more than 100 weapons, the game also allows crafting weapons. Fighting is majorly melee-based. It has a dynamic day and night cycle, where players will have to scout and scavenge for supplies during the day and withdraw at night.

It also has dynamic weather system. Usage of traps and distractions while running away from the creatures can also be done. "Dying Light" was released on 27 January, 2015, for PC, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Some fans have come out with a guide that will help players to make unlimited money, using an exploit that duplicates weapons many times over.

As explained by the below video from PowerPyx (via Gameranx):

Players will have to buy the Melee Throw Skill. (Skills> Power Level> Melee Throw).

They, then have to go for the weapon of their choice. They need to opt for the priciest Melee weapon if the players want to make money.

Next, throw the weapon and drop it from the inventory at the same time. The glitch lets the system think that you still have the weapon when it is dropped from the inventory.

Pick the weapon that is thrown and throw it again while continuing removing it from the inventory at the same time. Keep doing this till all the inventory slots are filled up.

Now sell them in the shop, but remember to keep one for yourself. Keep it till a more pricy weapon is in your hands. This way, any player will be able to make unlimited money.

(YouTube Courtesy: PowerPyx)

Destiny Loot Cave - Easter Egg

The game allows players to scavenge during the day as the daylight leaves the zombies inactive. One player has found an Easter egg during his day exploration in "Dying Light".

The Easter egg is more or less "funny" and it looks like Techland is making fun at Bungie's "Destiny", opines Gameranx.

At one of the secret locations, players visiting it get to see the message, "Your destiny is to build your legend, and get loot."

Further, as players jump over the barricade and swim underneath the water to reach the "loot cave," a recreation of the one in "Destiny".

(YouTube Courtesy: Gaming Spite)

Eternal Daytime Trick


A Reddit user, DamnItsColdUpHere, has found a way of tricking the system and letting players have "eternal daytime".

Here is a tip/trick that will make most player restart from scratch.

Don't do the "Talk To Spike Mission", you can visit the doctor and get a survivor rank up point from that but don't take Spikes mission.

From there just run around and grind, get agility rank up and power from killing zombies. Also you will have tons of materials by the time you start the official story. That way you will have tons of Molotov's, fire-crackers, UV flares or the materials to make them.

Also if you head south east from the tower into the water there is a sword called Xp-calibur. Just swim out to the little outcropping and you will see a sword in a body. You will have to hold the search button down for 3 minutes but that will give you a ton of XP and will rank up another survivor point.

Also try to search police vans to find a gun. Once you start going for crate drops and you pull out your gun, the enemies will put their hands up and you can open the crates and take off, once you shoot one of them then they will attack.

As long as you don't talk to spike you will be in a perpetual day-time. The night only comes when you activate the last trap in Spike's mission.

I always play RPG games like this. Usually if you follow story mode and meet your first boss, you will be like rank 1 or 2. I like to grind and level up and be like level 5 by the time I hit my first boss.

Another Reddit user, Keaton_x, posts:


Unlock the second map, Old Town. See that you do not head to the towers that Troy is waiting for you (Time will be around 7:15). But if a player returns to the slums it will start the clock again.