DxOMark, a leader in camera and imaging standards, has reviewed Samsung Galaxy S7 edge's camera and officially announced the smartphone has the best camera in the mobile category. The Galaxy S7 edge, with an overall score of 88, has overtaken the Galaxy S6 edge+ and Sony Xperia Z5, which scored 87 out of 100.

"Achieving a DxOMark Mobile Score of 88 points the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge ranks in 1st place on the current DxOMark Mobile database, [sic]" said the organisation on its website, calling the S7 Edge "a new champion."

DxOMark went on to praise the S7 edge's 26mm F/1.7 lens and the smartphone camera's built-in HDR feature, which makes the smartphone "a great choice for landscape or backlit photography."

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and Samsung Galaxy S7 feature the same 12 MP 1/ 2.6" sensor, Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS), an aperture of F/1.7, 4K video capabilities and a dual-pixel phase-detection AF system.

DxOMark tested the S7 edge's camera on a variety of parameters, viz., exposure and contrast, colour, autofocus, texture, noise, artifacts and flash. The tests were conducted in photo mode as well as video mode.

According to the report, the S7 edge received an overall exposure score of 90. It has a good dynamic range — whether the images are shot indoors or outdoors. It also preserves details well and has very good noise control. With regards to the colour representation in bright light, DxOMark gave the S7 edge a score of 90, which drops to 76 in low light, which DxOMark calls "respectable."

The smartphone's camera is capable of reproducing textures in low light as well as optimal conditions, scoring 86 and 96 points, respectively. DxOMark once again praised the S7 edge's low noise levels.

In video mode, the S7 edge received an overall score of 88. DxOMark praised its OIS in particular.

According to DxO, the S7 edge's autofocus system is its most outstanding feature, where it scored 98 points out of 100.