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DxO has finally tested Canon 1DX Mark II and things are finally looking up for Canon. The 1DX Mark II received a score of 88, putting it at rank 21, ahead of Nikon D5.

While it may seem like Canon's latest flagship full-frame offering is a stellar performer, it's still no better than the Nikon D4 and tied with the Nikon D3X from 2008. Compared to its predecessor, Canon 1DX, however, the 1DX Mark II is definitely a better performer. The 1DX received an overall score of 82, tying it with Nikon D3300 for 47th place.

DxO called Canon 1DX Mark II a class leader, pointing out that the company has given the camera a significant boost in the dynamic range department. When compared to the 1DX and the 1Ds Mark III, all three cameras showed similar colour sensitivity at low ISOs. While the 1Ds only goes up to ISO 3200, both the 1DX as well as the 1DX Mark II performed similarly across ISOs with the 1DX Mark II fairing marginally better.

Dynamic range at low ISOs is where the 1DX Mark II really shines over both the 1DX as well as the 1Ds Mark III. As the ISO levels increase, the 1DX Mark II's performance is only marginally better than the 1DX's.

DxO also compared the 1DX Mark II with Nikon D5 and the Sony A7 II. While the A7 II received an overall score of 90, both Canon 1DX Mark II and the Nikon D5 scored 88. DxO said that the only real competitor to the 1DX Mark II was the Nikon D5 and the Canon beat the Nikon flagship in the colour sensitivity test. That said, all three cameras performed very similarly across ISOs. However, with dynamic range, Canon 1DX Mark II, once again emerged a clear winner at low ISOs. That said, as the ISO was cranked up, Canon 1DX Mark II's dynamic range comes back down and joins the Nikon D5 faring only slightly worse between ISOs 6400 and 25,600.

Much like Nikon D5, DxO said that Canon 1DX Mark II would appeal to photographers across disciplines, while DxO wished Canon would have given the 1DX Mark II a higher pixel count — the 1Ds Mark III from 2008 has a slightly higher pixel count — it still calls the 1DX Mark II a worthy successor to the acclaimed 1Ds Mark III.