Face-lifts, enhancements and implants are not restricted to the beautiful women in Hollywood. Tinsel town is full of beautiful people -- men and women. Along with strenuous exercises and strict diet plans, these celebrities owe their good looks to plastic surgeries.

Here are some of the male celebrities that have undergone plastic surgeries to achieve their "ideal" look:

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

As much as Dwayne Johnson wants us to forget "The Rock", it is going to be a bit hard for us to forget the man that asked us to "smell what he was cooking". However, it shall not be said that he did not try; Johnson even got a plastic surgery done to reduce the size of his pecs. His acting career really took off after that, even though we still refer to him as The Rock.

Kenny Rogers

The singer, songwriter and record producer Kenny Rogers, who is also a member of the Country Hall of Fame, has been married five times. It is the final one, to his current wife Wanda Miller, that inspired him to get a plastic surgery. The singer was 28 years older to Miller and the two got married in 1997, when he was 74, and he wanted to look closer to his wife's age.

Howard Stern

Stern admitted to having undergone a few surgeries in 2006, specifically to get rid of the natural shape of his nose. The actor and radio host also removed the chin split scars and also got a few face lifts done.

Jean Claude Van Damme

Dubbed "the muscles from Brussels", Jean Claude Van Damme has reportedly undergone a total face-lift. Evidently, the action star's eyes have been looking a little pulled upward in the recent photos. 

Steven Tyler

"Aerosmith" lead singer and rock music legend Steven Tyler admitted to undergoing plastic surgery, along with using fillers on his face, and smoothning out the wrinkles with botox injections.