Dwayne Johnson

Over the past few months, tragic on-set accidents have been making headlines time and again. A Deadpool 2 stuntwoman died during the filming of the X-Men movie. Tom Cruise was injured while performing a stunt for Mission: Impossible 6.  

The latest in line was a startling report that wrestler-turned actor Dwayne Johnson apparently died in a mishap. It later turned out to be a hoax by a news website.The news portal 'killed' the Jumanji star in a "terrible stunt with double failed attempt."

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NewsGen.tv also cooked a fake video morphing a Fox News anchor and shared it. The bogus clip will not let you view the video unless you shared it on your Facebook account --a deliberate attempt to spread the fake news.

However, no one bought the fake report. Soon, people began pointing out that the news was false. The 45-year-old celebrity is very much alive and busy filming his upcoming movie Skyscraper. 

Johnson also took to Instagram to share a stunning black and white image from behind-the-scenes of the movie. In the photograph, the actor is seen with director Rawson Marshall Thurber, who is apparently explaining a shot to the former. 

In the picture, The Rock is seen covered in blood with ropes around him. Posting the picture, Johnson informed his fans that he was into the third week of filming the action thriller. He also took the opportunity to praise director and said he had trust in Rawson's work.

"A very smart, ambitious, extremely focused and methodical guy who wants to deliver a f*cking intensely breathtaking and epic film for the fans. Our story takes place in China. In the penthouse of the world's tallest skyscraper... on fire. More details to come down the road. Until then, WEEK 3 complete and we'll just keep on keepin' on. #JohnsonThurber #SKYSCRAPER," he wrote.

Johnson now joins names like Mr Bean's Rowan Atkinson, Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, Macaulay Culkin, Betty White and other celebrities who were victims of death hoaxes in the past.