Dustin Hoffman May Star in "Going in Style" Remake
Dustin Hoffman (L) and his wife LisaReuters

Dustin Hoffman is in talks with the makers to star in New Line's "Going in Style".

The movie's lead trio already includes famous names like Morgan freeman and Michael Caine. With just one place vacant, Hoffman sounds like an excellent choice.

"Going in Style" will be the remake of the 1979 George Burns caper comedy.

Caine and Freeman have won two Oscars each, while Hoffman has won just one.

Zach Braff, who waited 10 years to get back behind the camera for his directorial project "Wish I was Here", has been considered to replace Ted Melfi to direct the flick. Braff's "Wish I was Here" was a Kickstarter-funded comedy. However, Variety reports that negotiations are not underway.

Warner-based Donald De Line is the producer, while producer of the original film, Tony Bill, will act as the executive producer.

The original film had Burns, Art Carney and Lee Strasberg as bored Brooklyn senior citizens.

It was directed by Martin Brest. The film performed very well for Warners with $30 million at the box office.

Burns played the role of Joe, Carney played Al and Strasberg played Willie. They share the same apartment and life is boring and monotonous. To bring about a change, Joe suggests a bank robbey. The idea fills the trio with energy and optimism. Al borrows gins from his nephew.

They disguise with the help of Groucho Marx glasses and manage to pull off the heist, seizing $35,000. Willie was so overwhelmed that he suffers a fatal heart attack. Joe and Al leave for Las Vegas where they gamble and win more money. The two immediately return to their apartment, where Al goes to sleep and Joe learns through the radio that their robbery had become a sensational story. Worried that the police might be after them, Joe tries to wake Al up and realises he is dead.

Joe is eventually arrested by the police.

Hoffman's upcoming projects include the TV movie adaptation of Roald Dahl's "Esio Trot", where he stars opposite Judi Dench and the feature film "Icon", Broadway World reports.