Dushyant Kapoor
Dushyant KapoorPR Handout

After success of "Boom: Magic Pencil Returns", Dushyant Kapoor is now all set to release the trailer of his next superhero series "SuitBoy". He will be playing the lead role in the series.

"When I first released the trailer for 'Shaktimaan' my motto was to create a web series on our first Indian Superhero but after the copyright issues that raised from the side of original makers of 'Shaktimaan', I couldn't help but drop out the idea of it. I promised you a superhero league and here it is. Of course, its not 'first Indian superhero' but i believe it is the best one," Kapoor said.

Director as well as musician, Dushyant Kapoor created Mahakaal, Naari, Halt on YouTube. 

Dushyant Kapoor will be releasing his 5 suprheroe web series this year and his new music album which was pending from last five months.