Durban has been confirmed as the hosts of the 2022 Commonwealth Games at the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) general assembly in New Zealand on Wednesday.

The South African city also incidentally becomes the first ever African city to host the mega event, which is held once every four years. And as a tribute to the former South African President Nelson Mandela, who died in December 2013, the games are scheduled to start on 18 July -- the birth date of the late anti-apartheid hero.

South African Olympic Committee president Gideon Sam said that the Commonwealth Games will give the African nation a boost on economic and social levels, and it will also help in inspiring youth, and empowering them in the long term.

"We are ready to host the Commonwealth Games for the first time on African soil," Sam, who is also the CGF vice-president, said.

"The fundamental premise of our submission is that the Games will provide the opportunity at both an economic and social level in particular the development and inspiration of young people not only in South Africa but the rest of the Commonwealth.

"Youth empowerment sits as the core of our legacy programme, a legacy that will begin with your awarding of the Games," he added.

Prince Tunku Imran, the former CGF President, who was replaced by Britain's Louise Martin on Wednesday as the CGF's first female President, also welcomed the news of Durban winning the bidding rights for the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

"It gives me great pleasure to welcome the South African city of Durban as proud hosts of the 22nd Commonwealth Games. As a movement we stand together to support the very first games on African soil," Imran said.

Meanwhile, the much revered event of track cycling is not yet confirmed to feature in the Games, as the city does not have a velodrome yet, where the event can take place. The South African Olympic Committee have also confirmed the same and stated that they needed money and assistance from the world cycling governing body, to build a velodrome.

"I met the president of the International Cycling Union (UCI) and told him that if he wanted track cycling at 2022 then he needed to come to the party and help us build a velodrome," Sam stated.

"We cannot afford to build a facility that will cost us millions and not be used."