Shah Rukh Khan with Salman Khan on Dus Ka Dum Grand Finale
Shah Rukh Khan with Salman Khan on Dus Ka Dum Grand Finale.PR Handout

10:55 pm - Super Question - "How many percentage of married Indians clean toilets by themselves? SRK says 75-80% and win Rs 12 lakh prize.

Salman thanks his fans for their support and later dances along with SRK and Rani on Om Shanti Om song reminising their old days. 

10:53 pm - Rani gets a cheque of Rs 20,000 towards her Krishna Ram Foundation while SRK plays the super question worth Rs 12 lakhs.

10:51 pm - SRK wants daughter Suhana to take over his NGO Mir Foundation which looks after acid attack survivors.

10:50 pm - Rani : aapke maathe paar sindoor hain ?

Rinku bhabi : to uss main kya hain? pooch dete hain.

10:38 pm - Sunil Grover leaves everyone in splits when he performs Salman Khan's towel step in his Rinku Devi avatar. 

10:35 pm - Sunil Grover and SRK dance on Suraj Hua Madham and tickles funny bones of audience.

10:31 pm - Rinku Devi sings Zindagi Barbaad Hogaya song and calls SRK the powerbank of romance.

10:30 pm - Sunil Grover is dressed as Rinku Devi. He starts flirting with Salman.

10:22 pm - SRK once again beats Rani in the 8th question and collects Rs 1,20,000.

10:20 pm - Salman, SRK, Rani perform Lungi dance wearing dhotis.

10:18 pm - Next question - "How many people have never worn Dhoti?" SRK says 35% while Rani says 33%. 

10:16 pm - Salman and Rani dance on Tum Paas Aaye song from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai while SRK dances with a young fan. 

10:15 pm - While placing the bet - SRK says 50% and Rani says 41%. SRK wins the sixth round as well.

10:14 pm - SRK calls Rani as Shaadi Mukerji after she says that Salman should have a daughter then she will tie the knot with AbRam and then Salman and SRK will become relatives. 

10:12 pm - Next question - "How many percentage of people have said I love you to their parents at least once?"

SRK gets emotional upon hearing the question. He says everyone should say I Love You to their parents more than once. 

10:10 pm - While placing the bet for the fifth question - Shah Rukh Khan says 85%, Rani Mukerji says 82%. SRK again wins.

10:09 pm - Rani once again makes SRK and Salman play the blink game.

10:08 pm - Next question - "What percentage of Indians has played 'Who will blink first game'?" SRK asks Salman Khan how many times has he played this game while Rani asks the same question to SRK. To which SRK replies, "I just have to spread my arms and things are done."

10:07 pm - While placing their bets - Rani Mukerji says 86%, Shah Rukh Khan says 80%. SRK wins the answer is 68%.

10:05 pm - Salman surprisingly wins the diaper challenge while SRK struggles. Later, Salman helps to put diapers on dolls.

10:01 pm - Rani throws a diaper changing challenge between Salman and SRK. They give her a new name - Nanny Mukerji.

9:58 pm - Salman wonders how SRK manages his time handling three kids. To which SRK replies, "I have sent all of them to hostel."

9:56 pm - Salman Khan turns into Rani holding Adira in his arms while SRK mimics Aditya Chopra. 

9:54 pm - Shah Rukh Khan pulls Rani's leg saying she seems to know a lot of answers. 

9:50 pm - Salman Khan asks fourth question to Shah Rukh Khan and Rani Mukerji - "How many mothers or fathers have put their children to sleep to spend time with their partners?"

Dum Ka Dum finale part 2 is here and host Salman Khan along with his guests Shah Rukh Khan and Rani Mukerji will be seen entertaining audience with their unmatched wit and reveal a lot of their secrets.

On Saturday, the first part of Dus Ka Dum grand finale, Ace comedian Sunil Grover, who tickled the funny bones of the audience with his hilarious Kaun Banega Crorepati act mimicing Amitabh Bachchan, will be seen showcasing his different avatars.

Keep watching this space for the latest updates from Dum Ka Dum grand finale.