Malayalam actor Dulquer Salmaan's first production is now under the scanner. A reporter took to social media to point out to the makers that her photos were wrongly used in the film without her permission. She requested the makers to take responsibility and apologise for the mistake. 

Dulquer Salmaan called out for body-shaming

Varane Avashyamund has just released on Netflix and garnered a good response. Now, the film has run into trouble for body-shaming. The film stars Dulquer Salmaan and is the first film producer by the actor's banner Wayfarer Films. The film saw a good outcome at the box office as well.

Dulquer Salmaan

Now, the makers and Salmaan are being called out by a reporter on Twitter. She noticed that her pictures were used in the film without her consent and she mentioned it in a tweet, "Dear @dulQuer @DQsWayfarerFilm Thank you for the feature in your film but I'd like you to excuse me from body-shaming on a public forum. The concerned image was used without my consent & knowledge in your film. I'd like to claim ownership of the same. #VaraneAvashyamund."

The actor was very quick to respond and apologised for the lapse in judgement, "We take full responsibility for the error on our behalf. Will look into it with concerned departments of the film to understand how the images were sourced. I apologise from my end and from the film as well as @DQsWayfarerFilm for any difficulties caused. It wasn't intentional."

The film's director Anoop Sathyan also addressed the issue and apologised, "First of all we are extremely sorry for the discomfort caused. There wasn't any intention to disrespect or objectify women, as the content of this film is in itself against sexism. We do state our apology on behalf of the technical crew of this film."