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The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip publicly apologized to Emma Fairweather, who broke her wrist after being involved in the accident with the Duke on A149.

The 46-year old woman, was a passenger in her friends KIA, along with her friends 9 – month – old baby, when the Duke's Land Rover collided with their car as it pulled out near Sandringham, near the Queen's Norfolk estate. Though, both the baby and her friends were left unhurt.

The apology letter was published by Mirror, where duke apologised wholeheartedly saying "very sorry" for his part of the accident and wished Fairweather, "a speedy recovery from a very distressing experience."

The letter had Emma's name along with a personalised signature saying, 'Your Sincerely Philip'. The Duke of Edinburgh has explained his situation also, where he cites how the 'sun was shining low over the main road' and how despite having a fair idea of the 'traffic coming from the Dersingham direction' he failed to see their car that day.

Duke of Edinburghs's aplogy letterMIRRORPIX/Steve Bainbridge

Emma has previously expressed her disappointment to The Guardian, " I love the royals but I've been ignored and rejected and I'm in a lot of pain." She did recall how a cryptic message was sent to her through a police officer, saying that "The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh would like to be remembered to you."

But after receiving the personal letter from, Prince Philip, Emma was left overwhelmed, she confessed that "it was really nice that he signed off as 'Philip' and not the formal title. I was pleasantly surprised because of the personalised nature."

Prince Philip did mention that after hearing about them and about Emma's injury he "was somewhat shaken….but I was greatly relieved that none of you was seriously injured." He also did apologise for her broken arm.

The 97 – year old Duke of Edinburgh signed off the letter saying that "I wish you a speedy recovery from a very distressing experience."

The accident has created a lot of debate among the Brits about allowing old people to drive, Motor car journalist and TV reporter, Jeremy Clarkson even wrote an open letter calling for the cancellation of the Duke's driving license.

But nothing of that sort has happened yet, maybe sometime later.