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Ari Sandel's American teenage comedy film "The DUFF" (Designated Ugly, Fat Friend), which was released on Friday (12 June), has received positive reviews from viewers as well as critics.

The film, which stars Mae Whitman, Robbie Amell, Nick Eversman, Bella Thorne, Bianca A. Santos, Skyler Samuels, and others in pivotal roles, has been reviewed as an "entertaining and likable chick flick" by most of the critics. The film is inspired by Kody Keplinger's novel of the same name.

It revolves around Bianca Piper's character, played by Whitman, who is an intelligent teenager in Cleveland. Her friend Wesley, played by Amell, calls her a 'duff' and mentions boys approach her only to reach her other good-looking girlfriends. She later tries to look hot to win over Toby, played by Eversman.

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The story of "The DUFF" is predictable right until the very end. But in this film, the journey is more entertaining than the result. The film joins the rank of a rare category of films that is both entertaining and likable, according to Mid-Day.

The story shows typical teenage casual cruelty in the American high schools. It's a seen-before-tale of teenage love, but it turns out to be quite a fun sport, according to The Times of India.


Many have appreciated the screen presence and breakthrough performance of Whitman, who shines in the film with her comic delivery. 

Whitman has expanded her skill set and she is natural on screen. Her scenes with Amell (also quite breezy) are pure joy, according to The Economic Times.

Beyond predictability, "The DUFF" at least offers an agreeable, fun-loving lead performance by the very talented Mae Whitman. She turns Bianca into what many guys would consider a true dream girl: sharp as a tack, funny as hell, and good-looking without being a knockout who will turn every other guy's head, writes the Morton Reports.

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Kyla Bain

Forced myself to stay up to watch the movie The DUFF and it was actually pretty good


the  DUFF is the cutest ever movie bye.

Madison Black

The Duff was a hilarious movie I don't know what anyone was talking about it being bad


Omg The Duff is a great movie!


The DUFF is my new most favorite movie in the world


I love the duff movie


The Duff was the best movie ever

Champagnemami ‏

highkey hate the idea of the movie "the DUFF" where a boy is allowed to call his best friend his "designated ugly fat friend"