Duck Se Dude

With the ongoing IPL T20 season gripping the entire nation, Big Originals has launched a theme-based web series Duck Se Dude to give you a refreshing slice of entertainment in the digital section. And after watching the first episode, which was aired last week, it wouldn't be wrong to say that the web series will surely tickle the funny bones of the audience.

The web series serves an old wine in new bottle. Its story is weaved around the idea of how a zero eventually turns into a hero after he seeks the help of an RJ who helps him transform his boring and miserable life into something extraordinary.

The first episode starts with a cricket match where the protagonist named Manjit, a twelveth man in the team, who never really gets the kind of attention he desires from his other teammates. He finds himself in a similar situation when he tries to express his feelings to the girl he loves and even his family members take him for granted. Every character in the series brings out its own essence and nuances on the screen.

The dialogues have been written taking the everyday conversation into consideration which will connect with you instantly. But the icing on the cake is Bhojpuri and Bollywood actor Ravi Kishan's narration which is the highlight of the series. The actor bridges the gap between the viewer and the storyline which sometimes loses its grip at certain intervals.

And it wouldn't be wrong to say that Ravi Kishan is the soul of the series who makes his presence felt even when he is not actually performing in it. His voice is enough to keep you hooked and booked to your computer screens.

At some points, the punchlines and one-liner fail to put a smile on your face as it gets a bit monotonous in the end. But despite the shortcoming, Duck Se Dude, which consists of 9 original webisodes, is worth your time and data. The webisodes air every Thursday on BIG Originals.

Watch the first episode of Duck Se Dude here: