Dubai Torch on Fire
Dubai Torch on Firescreenshot/youtube

A fire has lit up the Torch Tower in the Dubai Marina, one of the tallest residential buildings in the world.

The fire, which is said to have started in the 50th floor, rapidly spread to about 15 floors, according to the photos and videos from the location. Thousands of residents have been evacuated from the Torch. 

Strong winds aided the flames to spread faster in the 1,105 feet (336.1 m) tall building with 79 floors. One witness told Gulf News that that building looked like the the Titanic going down. 

There are no reports of casualties, nor is the cause of the fire known. The greatest fear as of now is that the molten glass from the mammoth building may fall down and cause destruction. 

Roads in Dubai's Marine area have been blocked. 

A resident revealed that the fire alarm went off at 2.05 am (3.35 am IST). "There have been three fire alarms every week recently and all were false. This time I heard it and said it must be false. But then I smelt smoke. I took my wallet and ran down along with my wife. We live on the 59th floor. "

Although 10 fire engines, water bowsers, police and ambulances are at work, the fire has been getting worse according to witnesses.