Official statistics released by the Dubai Police has found that Indian drivers were the top traffic violators, following Pakistani nationals.

The UAE recently adopted a smart system that analyses traffic violations based on location, time, nationalities and types of violations.

According to Emirates 24/7, the statics taken from the system show Indians were the top traffic violators over the past three years, and were responsible for some 328,850 traffic-related offences.

The second on the list of top violators were Pakistanis, responsible for 310,760 violations in Dubai. The third on the list were the Emiratis, with 157,310 violations.

Egyptians were fourth on the list, followed by Syrians, Bangladeshis, Jordanians, Filipinos, Iranians, Britons and the Lebanese.

The statics also threw up some interesting observations, such as Dubai recording the most number of traffic violations on Friday. It also found that in the three years of the study, August has "traditionally been the most troublesome month" for the Dubai traffic police.

The number of traffic offences recorded on Fridays in the last three years was 296,830, and the figure for Saturdays was 269,190.

The report also noted that most number traffic violers were repeat offenders, as figures indicated 8.4 million tickets were issued on 340,800 number plates.