A 20-year-old girl drowned at a Dubai beach after her father 'violently stopped' life guards from saving her. The Asian man, who did not want 'strange men' to touch his daughter, has been arrested.

The expatriate was with his wife and children at the beach, Lt. Col Ahmed Burqibah, deputy director of Dubai Police's Search and Rescue Department, told Emirates 24|7.

"The children , including his 20-year old daughter, decided to go for a swim. The young girl was, however, swept away in strong currents and started drowning. Hearing her screams, two life guards rushed to help her, only to be pulled back by the father of the girl. He violently fought off the rescuers, stating that he would not allow his daughter to be touched by strange men. He said he would prefer she dies," the officer said.

The father was a tall, strong man. He started pulling the guards and prevented them from rescuing the drowning girl. By the time the rescuers overcame the frenzied father and pulled the girl out of the water, she was dead, Burqibah said.

The Dubai police have arrested and prosecuted the Asian man.