TV actress Ruhi Singh named by mistake in assault case
TV actress Ruhi Singh and Ruhi Shaileshkumar Singh.PR Handout/YouTube Screenshot

Former Miss India Ruhi Singh was mistakenly thought to be an accused in a police case after Mumbai-based actress Ruhi Shaileshkumar Singh was booked in a drunk driving and assault case. She has now issued a statement clarifying that she is not 'Ruhi' involved in the case. On Monday, there were reports of TV actress Ruhi Shaileshkumar Singh and two of her friends abusing a cop. She had rammed her car into vehicles parked at the location.

After the incident, many people, fans, friends and media persons started calling Ruhi Singh to confirm the incident and see if she was all right. But the woman involved in the incident is not Ruhi Singh, the former Miss India, but actress Ruhi Shaileshkumar Singh. The actress' publicist confirmed to International Business Times, India that Ruhi Singh had nothing to do with the drunk driving case and that she was not too happy with the unverififed reports.

Annoyed with the media reports and calls she has been getting, actress Ruhi Singh has issued a statement denying her involvement in the drunk driving case. Ruhi Singh said in her statement, "This is to clarify that media reports of 'Ruhi Singh' which have been published today are in no way related to me. The lady in concern possibly shares her name with me. It is amply clear from the video that it is someone else. I would request the media to please make a note of this, as any wrong info or confusion could be harmful to me."

This is not the first time that people have jumped to a conclusion when the name of a TV or movie actor has been involved in a case, without any proof or verification. Celebrities are sometimes victims of being treated differently because of their status.

In Ruhi Singh's case, it was a clear case of mistaken identity. The media reports should have been done after verification, or no name should have been mentioned without authenticating. What do you think?