DroneShield's DroneGun takes down drones by jamming signals.droneshield.com

Drone security technology company, DroneShield is working on a new system that can take down swarming drone attacks, the DroneSentry.

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DroneSentry is an integrated drone detection and countermeasure device and comes in two categories – acoustic drone detection system and the DroneGun.

The acoustic drone detection system has long range dish sensors which provide 360 degree detection cover for 1km range. The DroneGun, on the other hand, is a drone jammer, with an effective range of up to 2km.

However, once the development of the DroneSentry is complete, both these products will be integrated, said the official press release. So, users will have both 360 degree coverage and the jamming system.

So if there is an attack from drone swarm then the system will get into action after sensors have detected them. The system will also have an option to shoot down the intruder manually.

DroneSentry (artist's rendering)Press Release

The press release also says that the current laws permit the final sale of the system to US government or its agencies. Further, it also notes that the US Army has identified the possibility of facing a swarming drone attack as a "critical gap." If the enemies launch cheap drones in massive number to take out the target's defences, the answer could be a DroneSentry.

Lockheed Martin is also said to be developing laser-based anti-swarm systems, which will prove to be too expensive when compared to the system created by jamming the signal.