If you thought Driveclub, the racing simulation video game from developer Evolutions Studios and publisher Sony CE was only about cars, you are wrong. Sony announced at the recently-held Paris Games Week that it was revving up the game with Driveclub Bikes, a new expansion.

The developer announced that they will now be bringing superbikes to the game, allowing fans to race these machines on different tracks in the game.

It said in its post that though the challenge and the thrill of superbike racing is something that the developers loved, it strived to make it more accessible and fun. It notes that it retained "depth of control and authenticity."

The game will feature 12 of the world's best superbikes, from top manufacturers like Yamaha, Ducati, Kawasaki, Honda, BMW and more.

Driveclub Bikes will be featuring the following:

  • Full Bikes Tour campaign: The expansion will have new game modes and loads of events that will help players in mastering the superbikes, before racing it.
  • Unlimited Challenges: Players will be able to create and compete in new challenges that will test speed, agility and skills with bikes.
  • Personalised events: Players will be able to create the events on any track of their choice or on any mode, and with limitless weather conditions.
  • Multiplayer racing: Players can now play the game on multiplayer mode.
  • Customisation: Bikes in the expansion can be personalised to suit the rider. Players can add paint jobs, leathers and custom helmets.
  • Clubs: Whatever players do here will allow them to unlock new rewards, accolades, customisation and challenges.

Operation Sports revealed that Driveclub Game update 1.23 is currently available and this will bring new Tour for Bikes that will feature 43 competitive event sand 162 new stars to unlock, more than 50 new unlockable liveries that can be used for customisation, full platinum Trophy that features 25 Trophies, general improvements and more.

The game will be costing £15.99/€19.99 (about $24) as a standalone version.