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Drinking Solo, the popular South Korean period drama, will be back on tvN with its upcoming seventh episode at 11pm KST on Monday, September 26.

The sequel will continue to deal with the complicated relationships between professional star lecturer Jin Jung Suk, rookie lecturer Park Ha na, and their student Jin Gong myung. So fans can expect more drama coming up in their favourite show.

The official trailer of Drinking Solo teases a jealous Jung Suk, who tries to confront Ha na for not being responsible in life. The 30-second clip begins with a shot of the rookie lecturer preparing for her next class and having some fun in the studio.

In the video, Park Ha sun's character can be seen singing, "Because I'm meeting my students, I'm shy, shy, shy. My students you guys, you guys passed out because I'm so funny."

The promo then takes viewers through a scene between Ha na and her student, wherein she tells the latter that he has no motivation in life. But when she agrees to grant him a wish, he quickly asks, "Will you be my girl friend?" 

However, the rookie lecturer politely refuses the request, and tells her student to concentrate more on his studies rather than trying to impress her for a date.

The sneak peek video ends with a sequence between Jung Suk and the rookie lecturer. It shows Ha na talking on her phone and saying, "Thanks. I don't think I can live without you." When Ha Seok-jin's character overhears it, it creates a misunderstanding in his mind that she is dating someone during the office hours.

The professional star lecturer confronts his colleague in the staff room and asks her to be more responsible in life. When Ha na tells him that she is trying her best, he yells at her and says, "With all that distractions. You are busy dating."

Meanwhile, there is buzz that the show might tease a new potential love interest for Hwang Jin yi in the upcoming episode, which could be none other than Min Jin woong. Since episode 6 revealed that the so-called wife of Jin woong is his pet dog, there is room for romance between him and his colleague.

The other celebrities expected to appear in the upcoming episode include Shinee member Key as Kim Ki bum, Jung Chae-yeon and Kim Dong-young as his classmates and the ninth grade civil service students, and Kim Won-hae as the director of the Institute.

Watch the official trailer of Drinking Solo episode 7 here: