Drinking Solo
Is Drinking Solo unworthy of another instalment?Facebook/Drinking Solo

Drinking Solo, the popular South Korean period drama also known as Let's Drink or Honsul Couple, has increased the excitement among fans by releasing a promo of its upcoming fifth episode. The video teases more humour and twists for Jin Jung-suk and Park Ha-na as the female lead tries to figure out if her colleague is developing any feelings for her.

The 30-second-long teaser begins with a scene of Ha Seok-jin's character enjoying his evening drink alone. Then it focuses on the rookie lecturer who is having some fun in the recording studio until she is being interrupted by her student, Jin Gong-myung.

The trailer of Let's Drink clearly hints at a love triangle between Jung-suk, Ha-na and her student. It shows Gong Myung proposing to his professor when she admits that he is her favourite student. He is seen asking her if he can be her boyfriend rather than the favourite student.

The promotional clip of Honsul Couple even shows the rookie lecturer trying to figure out if Jung-suk is developing some feelings for her. She keeps thinking why he allowed her to join his class and asked her to be confident.

Meanwhile, the trailer of Drinking Solo introduces Shinee member Minho to its viewers. He will reportedly appear as a student in Noryangjin institute. However, since the cast and crew are tight-lipped about his role in the period drama, fans will have to wait until Monday, September 19, to know more about it.

Let's Drink episode 5 will also feature Jung Chae-yeon, Kim Dong-young, Min Jin-woong, Kim Won-hae, SHINee member Key as Kim Ki-bum, Hwang Woo-seul-hye as Hwang Jin-yi and Kim Hee-won as Jin Jung-suk's former school director.

Watch the trailer of Drinking Solo episode 5 below: