Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world, we have seen some of the weirdest remedies. From drinking cow urine to injecting disinfectants directly into the body, these are only some of the most talked-about remedies to ward off corona. Except none of them are true. And no, the so-called anti-coronavirus mattress is also nothing but a sham. Even as the news of vaccine is spreading like wildfire, some people still have ridiculous ideas on how to repel COVID-19.

2021 appears to be just a calendar change for this Tamil Nadu minister, who appears to be living under the rock even as the world is rejoicing the news of vaccines from various pharma giants such as Bharat Biotech, Pfizer, Serum Institute, Oxford and others.

Corona will 'run away'

Coronavirus cure

On one hand, the government of Tamil Nadu is conducting awareness campaigns to educate people about vaccines against coronavirus, and on the other, TN minister Rajendra Balaji is propagating his own ideas. In a viral video that has been shared widely on social media, Balaji can be heard standing amidst a group of locals as he recommends garlic or pepper juice to cure coronavirus or better yet, make it "run away."

"The food habits of the people of Tamil Nadu are playing an important role in eradicating corona today. We add to our daily diet today many of the healthiest things we need to know, such as pepper and zucchini. This is why Tamil Nadu has escaped from the coronavirus," AIADMK minister is heard saying to in Tamil.

Coronavirus mutation

But to add more humour, Balaji goes on to add that people drink a glass of pepper juice or garlic juice in Tamil Nadu. As a result, "corona will run away or die."

You can watch the video below:

In a similar instance, a Congress councillor from Karnataka had come up with a novel recipe to tackle the virus -- rum and half-fried eggs, sunny side up. "Add a teaspoonful of ground pepper in 90ml rum and stir it well with your finger and drink it. Eat two half-fried omelettes to ensure that the coronavirus vanishes," Ravichandra Gatti, a councillor in Ullal town near Mangaluru, was heard saying in a video, which had gone viral in July.