Drake (WikimediaCommons/ KarlaMoy)
Drake (WikimediaCommons/ KarlaMoy)WikimediaCommons/ KarlaMoy

Drake has apparently fathered a love child in Miami and a woman named Shirdkevia Myrick has claimed that her son belongs to the Canadian rapper.

On April 18, Myrick posted a photograph of her boy along with the picture of Drake as a baby on her Instagram and Facebook account. Interestingly, the little's boy's image bears an uncanny resemblance to Drake.

"He can't deny it. F-k what the media say," Myrick captioned the photo.

Tthough the photo went viral as soon as it was posted on Facebook, Myrick deleted all her social media handles within a few minutes of posting the image. She no longer has an existence on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

However, there is another photo of Myrick with the alleged real father of the child. The photo has been published on the website ohnotheydidnt.livejournal and is from Myrick's Instagram account. The photo's caption reads as, " papi chulo providers"

After Drake's love child news went viral on web, fans were befuddled and couldn't stop expressing their shock on Twitter:

@KMichaelBrennan: Just heard a rap song commanding me to do the Charlie Brown. I blame Drake and Soulja Boy for making the love child that is current hip-hop."

Funk Flex !!!!! ‏@funkflex wrote, "Ummm...Someone's Got Some Explaining To Do! Does Drake Have A Secret Love Child?!


‏@Luca_Forzin" "Could Drake have a love child in Miami, Florida?

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