Drake and Rihanna
Will Rihanna and Drake get back together again?Retures

Rihanna seems to have disappointed her former lover Drake on his 31st birthday by not being a part of the celebration. The Canadian rapper is reportedly scared of losing her from his life forever.

People close to Drizzy claimed that RiRi still holds a special place in his life and he wants to be in good terms with her. According to an industry insider, the Fake Love singer was excited about celebrating his birthday with the ex-girlfriend.

"Drake really wanted Rihanna to be at his birthday party. It was great seeing all of his boys and having gorgeous girls there, but he was missing Rih. He knows that she's busy, but he misses her and would have loved to see her face," the source told Hollywood Life.

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The insider also claimed that the Barbadian singer is too busy with her new boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, and she wants to keep a distance from her former lovers.

"She has kept her distance from him since he broke her heart last year. Drake always tries to stay friends with his exes, and Rihanna is and always has been one of the most special women in his life. For him to completely lose her is difficult for him to accept," the source continued.

The insider even claimed that the Canadian rapper still hopes for her forgiveness. "He's scared she's out of his life forever, and he really thought she would've forgiven him by now. Not showing at his party or even acknowledging it is heartbreaking for him," the source added.

Another insider claimed earlier that Drake was planning to rekindle romance with Rihanna. "Drake has always had a thing for Rihanna, and still does. They've hooked up and tried dating numerous times over the past, but it's never worked out to be a permanent thing, and that's something he regrets to this day," a source said.