Rihanna at Grammy Awards 2015
Rihanna at Grammy Awards 2015Reuters

Madonna was recently on a secret mission to get Rihanna and the "Only" singer to back together, as per reports.

"Madonna and Rihanna have been secretly working on a project together and have even discussed touring together. They have grown very close over this time. Madonna thinks Drake is incredible sexy and told Rihanna she definitely should be hooking up with him," a source told Hollywood Life.

And Rihanna has seemed to have taken Madonna's advice seriously, as she was seen cozying up with Drake at the Coachella Valley Music festival and sources told Hollywood Life that they looked very 'couple-ey'.

The couple hung around each other throughout the weekend, dancing together and visiting each other's performances at the festival; and it does not end there. Sources claim that they have got hot under the sheets too.

"Drake and Rihanna are definitely hooking up again and it couldn't be any hotter!" the source told Hollywood Life. "They have a very sensual relationship. He loves that she's so sexually aggressive. Rihanna likes sex and isn't embarrassed or shy about it."

But neither the "Party Next Door" singer nor the "Unfaithful" singer are ready to get serious with each other. They aren't' making any big announcements about their commitment any time soon and want to keep their relationship under wraps as much as possible.

"They are both working and travelling non-stop so a traditional relationship isn't really possible or desired right now, but whenever they can, they get down in the bedroom," Hollywood Life reported.

Meanwhile, Drake spoke out regarding his reaction to Madonna's impromptu kiss on stage at Coachella, telling that he was just blown away by her kiss. "Don't misinterpret my shock!! I got to make out with the queen Madonna and I feel [100 emoji] about that forever. Thank you @madonna," said Drake on his Instagram post.

Drake's Instagram post that explains his shocked reaction.Instagram