Amidst rumors that Drake was seeing another woman apart from Rihanna, the couple was spotted on a dinner date in Amsterdam on March 7, indicating that cheating rumors have not affected their relationship.

Reports of Drake cheating on Rihanna surfaced late last month after it was claimed that he invited model Dominique Chinn to his show in Germany on 19 February. The rapper is also said to have shared a VIP hotel room with her and paid her airfare and other hotel expenses, according to Hollywood Life.

Chinn's presence at Drake's concert was confirmed after the model uploaded a video of his performance on her Instagram account.

Is Drake really two-timing?

Drake and Rihanna reportedly started dating when the "I Am The Only Girl" singer jetted off to Paris to spend some time with the "Young Money" rapper. A video that featured Rihanna grinding over Drake's lap during an impromptu performance at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy further fueled romance rumors.

But their sexual performance does not indicate that they are back on, body language expert Judi James told Entertainmentwise.

"Does grinding like this really signal any form of genuine sexual shenanigans any more? I doubt it. Who didn't grind with their boss at the office party this year or with their granddad at his Ruby wedding bash?" reported Entertainmentwise.

Meanwhile, sources suggest that Rihanna is not too serious about Drake and wants to keep things as chilled out as possible.

"The only commitment they want is to be able to keep what they have and not ruin a good thing," a source close to the singers said. "Neither of them are in a rush for anything. They are so chill and love what they've got," the source told Hollywood Life.

It seems Rihanna is cool with the way things are shaping up with Drake but they seem to keen on starting a serious relationship.