Developer Square Enix is working on its eleventh edition of its popular series Dragon Quest. The newest among it, Dragon Quest 11 (or Dragon Quest XI), was announced for PS4, Nintendo 3DS and for the upcoming Nintendo console, Nintendo NX.

Information about this was released during the live broadcast in Japan by Square Enix. The game is expected to be released in 2016. The game's logo got leaked on Monday. 

Dragon Quest 11's PS4 version will be developed by Square Enix internally. The engine that will power it will be the Unreal Engine.

The Nintendo 3DS version will run on both the screens, but the top screen will have full 3D and lower screen will have retro 2D sprites.

But when it comes to the Nintendo NX version, there is nothing that is known about it.

It must be noted that Dragon Quest has a history of being released on Nintendo and Sony consoles. Dragon Quest 10 came out in 2012.

The game might also be released in the US, sometime later. Of late, there has been heightened activity when it comes to Dragon Quest, with the February release on Dragon Quest Heroes, upcoming releases for Dragon Quest 7 and Dragon Quest 8 for 3DS.