July has been a month of Dragon Ball franchise screening TV show and a movie. Dragon Ball Super TV series being aired in Japan and "Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F" getting an English dubbed version for the US audience.

Fans of Dragon Ball have a new official game titled, 'Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle' that has been made available for smartphones. Bandai Namco has stated that the game is currently rolling out only for Android and Apple devices globally.

Dokkan Battle is free and allows players to conjure a team of powerful fighters with super human abilities. The story is set when Time Machine belonging to Trunks crash-lands on a planet where someone with sinister design has turned the Dragon Ball timeline into complete disarray. Players will have to work with Trunks to find out the person behind this design. Players will get to battle with legions of enemies on their smartphones.

The game allows players to face "formidable adversaries" from the anime series. The gameplay is inspired from board games. Players can make use of the different items and power-ups that are at their disposal to race ahead in the battlefield.

In order to activate and engage in supersonic combat, players can release the "Ki" by tapping on the Ki Spheres on the screen. The game boasts of making their Dragon Ball characters stronger than before.

Dream teams can now be created with favourite Dragon Ball Z characters and those evincing interest to activate Link Skills can group together certain characters in the game.

Fans interested in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle can download it on Android Store and Apple Stores.

Dragon Ball Trading Card Game Release Date Announced

If the smartphone game was not enough, Bandai Namco has lined up another Dragon Ball trading card game, titled 'IC Carddass Dragon Ball.' This new game has been touted as the "first-of-its-kind" that will feature near field communication (NFC) technology.

The game will be released on 19 September exclusively for Japan.

NFC integration will allow players to choose between playing it online or like any of the traditional trading card games ie face-to-face, reported Kanzenshuu.

IC Carddass Dragon Ball will be accessible on Windows tablets or smartphones that can download the free software. 

Players will be able to scan these trading cards that are equipped with NFC chip and it can be saved in the online game account of the user. In order to start the game, players will need one "Leader Card" and if they want to attack the will need 40 "Battle Cards."

Below is a trailer narrated by Masako Nozawa, and it features the Dragon Ball Super opening theme "Chozetsu Dynamic!"