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The newly-released Dragon Ball Xenoverse seems like a throwback to the DB universe. But there's a lot to know and understand when the game's internal mechanics are taken into account. This includes having a keen knowledge about the controls and moves that will see you through.

There's now a new moves-and-challenges guide for in-game mentors that's been uploaded to the Internet. As you may already know, in DB Xenoverse, players can level up, gaining new moves and skills with the help of mentors and by completing challenges.

Mentors are basically characters in the game who train players and help them unlock special skills and moves to the game. There are a host of mentors across the game map and most of them can be found in the Toki Toki City central hub.

But before choosing a mentor, players must take up a bit of exploration, since they can only have one active mentor at a time. Players can switch between mentors and the change needs to be made in-between the training period. While that's an option, players will lose their progress if they choose to go back to a previous mentor.

To unlock new skills and moves, players will first need to complete the challenges put forward by their respective mentors. Each mentor comes with four challenges, ranging from easy to difficult. Apart from finishing a challenge, players will also need to fill up the Friendship Meter to move to a new challenge.

As far as the Friendship Meter is concerned, each of them can be found in the Play Data Menu. There are as many as 12 slots for the Friendship Meter. Each slot has four circles on the left, which will be filled when a challenge is completed.

The bar on the Friendship Meter will begin to fill up as the player gains experience. Once the bar reaches one circle, the next circle will be unlocked, meaning you can now access the next challenge set by your mentor. Once all the four challenges are completed successfully, the player will receive a Z Soul.

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In other news, Dragon Ball Xenoverse is becoming quite popular and raking in money. In the annual report for the year from 1 April, 2014 to 31 March, 2015, Bandai Namco has revealed that more than 2.06 million units of Dragon Ball Xenoverse have been sold since its release on 5 February.

Namco also revealed that Yo-kai Watch is still its strongest product in its Toys and Hobby Business category, bringing in ¥55.2 billion in revenues last fiscal. In the current fiscal year, Namco expects Yo-kai Watch merchandise to add another ¥30 billion yen. 

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