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Provided that you are already knee deep into the previously released Dragon Ball Xenoverse, there's no point beating around the bush in explaining how immense or awesome the game is. No sooner did the game hit the store shelves back in February, it was sold out and has since lived up to the expectations.

One of the main attractions of Dragon Ball Xenoverse is the ability to create your own character. There are as many as eight custom character slots that allow the player to choose between male and female combatants from five varied races.

For quite some time, there has been some confusion regarding which is the best race to choose from the game. As you may expect, the answers have been varied, depending on different playstyles each player adopts in his time. But in reality, each detail depends from race to race, and even varying between male and female fighters.

Let's take a closer look at all the in-game races, while also determining each race in accordance with the features and options involved with it.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Race Breakup: Saiyan

  • While the Saiyan race offers lower health compared to other races, it also balances this with high attack power.
  • A Saiyan's attack power will rise even more when its health is below 25%.
  • There's additional increase in a Saiyan's stats if they're Knocked Out and revived by a teammate.
  • Saiyans will also transform into Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan 2.
  • Male Saiyans have a stronger normal attacks and longer lasting buffs, although their special attacks are weaker.
  • Female Saiyans have a higher Ki and Stamina recovery rate, but lower health.
  • You could choose the Saiyan race if you're looking for a character with greater offensive prospective, although you will now be more susceptible to attacks.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Race Breakup: Earthling

  • The Earthling Race in the game is probably one of the most balanced races that you will come across.
  • It's a well-rounded option for those who have no such premonitions in choosing offence over defence (and vice versa).
  • With the Earthling race, your Ki will refill automatically, with attack power increasing when the Ki is at a maximum.
  • Choosing the Earthling race is great for newbies who aren't really into fighting games or have a more casual approach to gaming.
  • The balanced stats of the Earthling race on top of automatic Ki regeneration ability makes them easier to learn and control.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Race Breakup: Majin

  • The Majin, again, is one of those races that offer higher defence than other races, although there's lower Stamina recovery speed.
  • When their Stamina is at maximum their defence increases even more.
  • Males Majins boast more health but slower movement speed, while females have higher movement speed and lower health.
  • Defensive players should probably start as a Majin.
  • If you have better defensive skills, the higher defence of the Majin race will make your character difficult to beat.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Race Breakup: Namekian

  • Namekians come with lower overall attack power, but higher health.
  • Their Stamina refills faster and items are 1.5 times more effective.
  • Namekians will also regenerate their health when it falls below 70 percent.
  • There are no female Namekians, meaning no gender differences within the race.
  • If you prefer a defensive approach, the Namekians are a great first choice.
  • More effective items for the Namkian race means you can gain higher attack power to balance out its lower attack power.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Race Breakup: Frieza Clan

  • The Frieza Clan offers high movement speed, with lower attack power than the other races.
  • Their movement speed increases when health drops below 50%.
  • They have the capability to use a beam that will paralyse opponents.
  • The Frieza Clan has increased movement speed that helps them move in, attack, and then quickly escape before an opponent can counterattack.
  • The paralysing beam is helpful in big attacks, especially when you're pitted against teams instead of one-on-one.

[Source: Prima Games]