Almost any game you can name have mods. A big example of that is GTA 5, which has since been bombarded with a host of apps that bring different capabilities for players that were previously unheard of. And, not so surprisingly, Dragon Ball Xenoverse isn't any different.

In case you are currently hooked to the game, which surely does justice to the overall TV show that we have grown up watching, what if we told you that you could spice up the things a bit in it, via a brand new nude mode that's catching on like wildfire among the DB community faithful? Yeah, you read it right. A nude mod!

Sure Dragon Ball Xenoverse is a great game in itself, and possibly a certain sequel to the game is out there somewhere, waiting to be revealed. But for the time being, feast your eyes on the fully stripped men and women in the game, thanks to the latest mod.

You can check out the mod below for some enticing 18+ content of your favourite DB characters (both Earthling and Saiyan), and can download the mod here. Just make sure no one is standing behind you as things are about to heat up. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: YouTube]