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There's more to the recently released Dragon Ball Xenoverse than meets the eye. With this Dragon Ball game, the possibilities are endless and hence we get to see new cheats and mods being unearthed for the game to spice up things a bit.

Talking about mods and cheats for the game, as it seems most of such exploits are actually down to in-game glitches that developers may have left out unknowingly (or were they Easter Eggs?). As with glitches, as soon as they are found, they are patched. While that isn't necessarily a bad thing, glitches can be quite rewarding at times.

As for the cheats for the game, not long ago it was discovered that there's an in-game glitch that allows you get every single skill and item in a parallel quest in a single attempt, equalling the drop rate to 100%.

In fact, according to a previous Cheats For All report, the unearthed Dragon Ball Xenoverse cheats require you to finish the story mode of the game before you can employ them. In order to pull off the 100% skill and item drop rate glitch, head over to the multi-lobby and start the final battle with Demigra.

After Demigra is beaten, straight away quit the battle and start a parallel quest. Note that you will have to make sure that you get an Ultimate Finish to get every single item and skills that are obtainable in that particular parallel quest.

Besides that, Youtuber RhymeStyle has found a way to reward players with invincibility in the game, thanks to a glitched z-soul called "Bwahaha... Thanks for the Energy". This glitched z-soul lets players instantly regain all of their health back, should they get hit by an opponent.

You can get this z-soul by following the guide, courtesy General Keey Gaming below. However, keep in mind that the following Dragon Ball Xenoverse cheat will only work in the console version of the game.

That you require completing the story mode of the game in the first place and unlock the parallel quests for these cheats to work has been stressed by many such reports on Internet. Prima Games, for instance, states that the first time you level up a character, you won't have access to all of the Parallel Quests to help you level up.

However, what you can do here is play through the main story missions by speaking with Trunks and heading through the portal in the upper right corner of the Plaza of Time in Tokitoki City. As you complete story missions you'll unlock Parallel Quests that you should also play through.

So by the time the main story mode is completed, alongside all of the Parallel Quests, "you'll be very close to the level cap if you haven't already reached it." It may be a time-consuming process, but you only have to do it once. But once that's out of the way, every other character will be much easier to level up.

For more such glitches, cheats and exploits in the game, head over to our extensive Dragon Ball Xenoverse page. Stay tuned for more updates. 

[Source: KDrama Stars]