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The new Dragon Ball game was destined to make it big among fans. Even today, more than 70 percent of fans are from the era where people would sit in front of the TV every Saturday morning with cereals to catch Goku and Gohan in action. 

The recently released Dragon Ball Xenoverse is actually the perfect game for all those waiting for long to show their inner Saiyan powers. That said, the game does offer some of the well-known combat tactics that we have been so used to.

However, the advanced combat system present in the game does indeed require some getting used to. Presuming you have mastered the basics of the game, it's time you also associated yourself with the combat mechanism and manoeuvres that are so essential.

Here is a list of all the combat tricks that you need to learn for Dragon Ball Xenoverse:

Hit Where it Hurts – Drain the Stamina

While it may seem easy to fight off few Z-souls in the game and survive some of the Super Attacks, you will definitely meet your match once more powerful adversaries cross your path. It's almost suicidal to take them on since they will overpower you for most of the battle.

What you can do, however, to see yourself through against such adversaries is make sure you drain their stamina. And the best way to do that is hit them where it hurts. You could set off a Guard Break by fully exhausting an opponent's Stamina meter, following which the opponent won't be able to block or Vanish until the meter is completely full again.

Also remember that most heavy attack combos can do the trick for you in this instance. Most heavy attack combos will drain a fine share of an opponent's Stamina meter. And a fully charged heavy attack here will completely reduce a Stamina meter, leaving the opponent powerless for a short time. It's always advisable to perform a powerful combo after you've successfully landed a Guard Break.

Go Invisible – Perform a Vanish Jump

If you have performed a Boost Dash, just press jump and a direction to teleport. While your character is invisible, hold a direction (or press an attack button) to move your character in a definite direction or attack after the Vanish Jump. While the move is meant more for positioning, it can still be useful as a superior movement option. Moreover, attack from the back cannot be blocked, so this is as better an option as any.

Be Slippery – You Have Evasive Abilities

Presuming you have already spent enough time with the game, it's natural you know a thing or two about the in-game evasive abilities and how it gets you out of a tough situation for the cost of three bars of your Stamina meter. But there's actually more to it than it meets the eye. The in-game evasive abilities also make your character invincible for a short time and avert an opponent from draining your Stamina meter. If you know the opponent is set to block an Ultimate Attack, using an evasive ability is a much safer option.

On Your Feet, Soldier – Perform Jumping Attacks

When you jump over an opponent and attack from the back, they won't be able to block it. Here, if you can combine this with the Jump Cancelling option, it will help you Step Cancel during a combo string to slowly move around to your opponent's back and make a hit. You can also Jump Cancel in the middle of a combo string.

Choose and Deselect – Jump and Step Cancel

While not all attacks in the game can be cancelled, you still have the ability to cancel basic attacks with a jump or step. To perform a cancel, just tap or hold the Jump button and a direction during the animation of a basic attack. If performed correctly, your character will stop the attack and jump or step instead. Using a cancel, you can stop your combo move before it ends, then start another combo string while the opponent is unable to escape.

[Source: Prima Games]