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For any Dragon Ball fan, the previously released Dragon Ball Xenoverse game is as good as it can get. The game has almost everything that a budding or long-standing Dragon Ball fan would want, with all the characters involved that we are so used to, since the days of early cartoons.

While the game has gone viral since its final release, there are still many fanboys we know waiting to get their hands on the game. Others, however, may have already got a copy of the title, but are still confused on how to start, while also waiting to understand how the game works if played properly.

For those who are indeed starting off with Dragon Ball Xenoverse, you will need to understand certain basic things related to the game before you can successfully complete the game. We have listed several tips and tricks for all the newbies to follow. Check them out below.

Note: Before going through any of the tips and tricks listed below, please be informed that you won't be able to readily jump into the game mode of your preference at the start (and the same goes for Character Creation). You will rather need to play out a significant chunk of the game to access other areas.

However, once you are through with the basics, you should be successfully able to create your character and even select the best race that will suit your playstyle. There are also several fighting styles for players to choose from and these are: 

  • Close-Range Melee Fighting (Fighting Style): I like it up close, nice and personal! (In-Game Selection) – Skills for Strikes (Item Loadout)
  • Long-Range Ki Blasts (Fighting Style): I'll hang back and blast 'em from afar! (In-Game Selection) – Skills for Ki Blasts (Item Loadout)
  • Long-Range and Close-Range (Fighting Style): Close or far, I keep it balanced! (In-Game Selection) – Balanced Skills (Item Loadout)

Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Perform Super Attacks

When compared to normal strikes, Super Attacks can deal quite the blow to the opposition. However, when performing a Super Attack, know that your Ki meter will be almost consumed most of the times. You can have up to four Super Attacks equipped at any single time (you can change them anytime you want, when not in a battle). Super Attacks can be categorized into offensive and evasive, and you will benefit from checking the help text for each Super Attack to determine whether it's offensive or evasive.

If you are wondering about the best time to throw in a Super Attack, know that it works out properly after you have pulled off a combo. However, if you are bent upon pulling off an evasive Super Attack, it will sometimes use your stamina meter instead of the Ki meter. Super Attack outside a combo move never really works out, although everything depends on the number of bars you (or your opponent) have left on your stamina meter.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Perform Ultimate Attacks

There's not much difference between a Super Attack and an Ultimate Attack, although Ultimate Attacks are generally more powerful than their Super counterparts. You can always employ a Super Attack at the end of a combo move, but if you can adapt and evolve, you can actually transform a normal Super Attack into an Ultimate Attack. The most obvious use of an Ultimate Attack can be found when initiating a Guard Break, which stops the opponent from employing any Stamina-based abilities, if they completely run out of Stamina.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse: What are Scouters?

When in the game, you will be better off if you equip a scouter to assist you in combat. You will anyway receive one for free at the start of the game. Unlike the animated series, where scouters were used to verify the power level of an opponent, the scouters in DB Xenoverse can also be used to locate items and enemies. However, note that your movement and abilities will be restricted when using the scouter, so it's better to check out the opponent's location with it, switch it off and then commence battle.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse: The Vanish Technique

If you are ever in a tough spot, note that the Vanish (teleport) technique is the most effective way to get away from a combo. Pulling off a Vanish technique requires two bars of the Stamina meter (if used while sustaining the damage), and one bar if used while guarding. It's better to employ the technique at the end of an opponent's combo, but know that your stamina meter will be the key to success in any battle and you should probably wait until the opponent is about to use a Super or Ultimate Attack.

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